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      Anyone can learn.  Charleston 
      Museum instructor gives each
       student individual guidance.

    All materials included in class fee.

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Calligraphy Workshop -
Charleston Museum

        Calligraphy and Art
            2020 Shows - See Us There

calligraphy series- CCU

Calligraphy Art

                  Getting Married?
    Come to "Wedding Talk" 
   Sat, January 18, 2020 -10am - FREE

      Hobby Lobby North Myrtle Beach

* Topics include: 
      * Keep a wedding journal
      * Preparing your guest list
      * Choosing wedding invitations & paper
     * Addressing wedding invitations
      * Deadlines & mail-out dates
      * & Much More. . . . . .

      Sunday, February 9, 10am-4pm
     Low Country Food Bank Craft Fair
            Base Recreation Center,
                     Market Common

      800 Gabreski Lane, Myrtle Beach
        (next to the Culinary Institute)

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Calligraphy class at 

    Welcome to Calligraphy and Art

     Calligraphy: an art form of "beautiful writing" with elegant wide an
     narrow strokes using a special writing pen. In addition to addressing
     wedding or event invitations, personal sentiments in calligraphy make
     excellent gifts for friends and family. 


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