This is the "Art" part of Calligraphy and . . . . Each piece is "one-of-a-kind" but we can create similar art on request.  Great as gifts for any occasion, holidays, . $16 each, includes shipping (USA) by US Postal Service. 

Cheery, inspirational and themed "mini wall art" on matboard, measures about 5" x 7", plus a beaded wire  hanger. Hand calligraphy. Decorations include beads, polymer clay, paper, sea shells, beach glass and other embellishments. Packaged in cellophane sleeve.  To order, contact artist at

1. You can find me where                   2. Always believe something              3. Your wings already exist--             4. Salty Kisses, Starfish Wishesl
the music meets the ocean              wonderful is about to happen.            all you have to do is fly.

5. Some days I amaze myself--         6. Travel as much as you can--       7. In my garden there is a place      8. If you don't know where
Other days I look for my phone            As far as you can go.                           for sentiment. My garden              you're going, any road will
while I'm holding it.                                                                                                              of thoughts and dreams.             take you there.

9. Music is the strongest            10. I may not always be with you,            11. May you always have a              12. May the stars shine
        form of magic                             but when we're apart, remember,      seashell in your pocket and                  brightly upon you.
                                                                  you will b e with me, right inside           sand in your toes.
                                                                      my heart.

13. Life is a big canvas--you                    14. Leave room in your                     15. Just when the caterpillar              16. Birds fly because they
should throw all the paint                           garden for the fairies                    thought the world was over,                   have faith.
on it that you can                                            to dance.                                           it became a butterfly.

17. All I can do is be me,                         18. Be well, do good work                       19. All I need is a few days
  whoever that is                                          and stay in touch.                                     at the beach.

New themed art is added by season and holidays. Please email us with any questions.